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Crab Island

Aboard an Officially Permitted Vessel is your permission to have fun at Crab Island!

March, 2023 Update – The Destin Private Tiki is proud to be an officially permitted commercial vendor for the National Park Service Gulf Islands National Seashore. We are committed to co-exist with Crab Islands’ natural resources in an environmentally responsible way. Let’s enjoy Crab Island and leave it as we found it so others may enjoy it in the future.

About Crab Island
Destin Private Tiki

Crab Island is a popular sandbar located in Destin, Florida, known for its crystal-clear emerald-green waters and white sandy beaches. The area is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Crab Island is also known for its lively atmosphere and social scene. It is the perfect destination for a tiki tour cruise aboard the Destin Private Tiki. Many boaters come to the area to socialize and meet new people, with music and entertainment often taking place on boats and on the sandbar itself.

Boaters go to Crab Island in Destin, FL, because it is a popular destination and it is an easy anchorage. The shallow waters and sandy bottom make it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding. Additionally, boaters can anchor their boats and join the fun on the sandbar, which often includes music, food, and drinks.


Despite its name, Crab Island is not actually an island but rather a sandbar that has been created over time by the currents of the nearby bay. The area is accessible only by boat, with many tour companies offering transportation to the sandbar throughout the day. A tiki boat adventure tour has become a local favorite.

Many people also describe the experience of anchoring their boats at Crab Island and joining in the social scene as a highlight of their visit. The Destin Private Tiki provides an excellent home base for a fun tiki tour at Destin’s crab island. The Tiki hut provides ample shade while you relax and unwind sitting at the built in tiki bar.

Tides matter at Crab Island. The color of the water changes with the tides. On an incoming rising tide, the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico are pushed in over crab island turning the water color to an incredibly bright aqua blue, mimicking something you might find in the Bahamas or the South Pacific. Conversely, the outgoing tide brings the tannins-stained bay waters over the sand bar and becomes tea colored. When is the best time to visit crab island? Any time is good, but the high tide is best for the prettiest water.

Overall, Crab Island is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Destin, offering a unique experience to enjoy the beautiful waters and lively atmosphere of this popular vacation spot.

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